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Next-generation production management system

Revolutionize your production with GB Chronus, the cutting-edge, cloud-based system from greemin-bigwell Inc. Seamlessly integrate smart management for peak efficiency and a future-proof operation.

Key Features of GB Chronus

Optimize Your Operations with GB Chronus

Implementation Process


Case Study
Company A's Transformation
The Challenge

Company A is a dedicated medical device component manufacturer, operating with a team of 40 skilled employees. Despite having a major production management system in place, it was not meeting their operational needs and remained underutilized.


Streamlined Planning


Production planning was decentralized, with individual process managers making isolated decisions.


GB Chronus enabled centralized production planning, bringing clarity to departmental roles and responsibilities.


Complete Supervision


Lack of comprehensive oversight on the factory's operational status.


Achieved full visual transparency across the entire plant's operations.


Cost Control


Excessive overtime was inflating labor costs significantly.


Enhanced progress tracking and the ability to predict and manage overtime effectively.


Targeted Strategies


Absence of insight into missed sales targets and corresponding remedial actions.


Improved cost control mechanisms and the development of strategic management initiatives.

By implementing GB Chronus, Company A not only overcame its operational challenges but also established a foundation for continuous improvement and strategic growth.

Why Choose Us

Product Comparison
GB Chronus A B C D
Product type Production management systems (including schedulers) Production management systems (including schedulers) Production scheduler Core business solutions, schedulers Process management systems (including schedulers)
Service type A+ B B B B
Completely cloud-based On-premises On-premises On-premises On-premises
Scheduler A+ A A+ A B
Process schedules are levelled based on changeable process interval times, taking into account of the 3M (material, man and machine). Automatically determines machine load status and proposes optimum machine allocation. Considers the load on machines and man, creates schedules for tomorrow and beyond with down-to-the-second accuracy, and outputs work instructions. Automatic planning taking into account constraints such as setup, jigs, patch equipment, sub-resources, etc. Scheduling in advance to ensure 100% uptime, taking into account machines or man.
Traceability A+ A N/A N/A B
Robust traceability considering the 3M and mid-process lot splitting. Tracing from lot numbers assigned to products, stock items and components is possible. Lot split not supported. 2M traceability of material, machines or man.
Compatability B A A A+ A
Plans for future development Compatable with Excel Compatible with other companies' production management systems Automatic connection with various tools Lot split not yet supported. 2M traceability of goods, machines or people

Pricing Plan

Explore our flexible options designed to suit your business needs.

Free Trial Plan

  • Duration: One Month
  • Cost: Free
  • Features: Full access to all standard features No credit card required Dedicated support during the trial
  • Best for: New users evaluating the system

Subscription Plan

  • Billing: Monthly
  • Cost: Based on usage (Contact us for details)
  • Features: Full feature access Regular updates and improvements Scalable to business size
  • Best for: SMEs looking for a robust solution without large upfront costs

One Payment Plan

  • Payment: One-time
  • Cost: Custom quote
  • Features: Tailor-made system adjustments Priority customer service Long-term cost savings
  • Best for: Large enterprises needing a customized solution


What pricing and subscription options does GB Chronus offer?

GB Chronus offers flexible pricing tailored to your specific business needs. We provide a stress-free, one-month trial with no obligation, followed by an easy monthly subscription model. For more detailed pricing information, please submit a request through our inquiry form.

What size businesses is GB Chronus designed for?

GB Chronus is optimally designed for businesses with 50 or more employees. Our system scales to accommodate the complexity and volume of operations typically found in mid-sized to larger businesses.

What operating environments does GB Chronus support?

GB Chronus boasts a versatile operating environment, supporting a wide array of systems and browsers. This ensures flexibility and accessibility for your team regardless of your preferred technology.

Which countries and languages does GB Chronus support?

Our system is built for global operations, offering multilingual support to ensure your team can use GB Chronus in your local language, no matter where you are in the world.

How can I try GB Chronus?

You can experience GB Chronus firsthand by signing up for a one-month trial. Simply fill out our contact form, and you'll be on your way to exploring all the features and benefits of our system.

What kind of support can I expect with GB Chronus?

We provide dedicated support through email, video conferencing, or remote system control to ensure you have the assistance you need, whenever you need it.

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